16/12/16 – Day 1

When my GP said that the next few days would be rocky while I came of Pregabalin, he really wasn’t joking! It wasn’t too bad on Wednesday when I took 2 of my usual dose rather than 3… But yesterday was vile.

It started off with me waking up with cold sweats as I’d not had any Pregab since Wednesday lunchtime… I’m used to hot flushes as I am in a chemical menopause, but cold sweats are the work of the devil. I then took my only Pregab of the day, the cold sweats then disappeared, and I had a work out session with my PT. And I was a bitch, there’s no other way to describe it. I was cranky, didn’t have any get up and go and couldn’t do half what I normally do because I was in pain.

I then snapped, big time, in uni. I try really hard to keep going, but yesterday was a struggle. I’m actually not sorry that I snapped because I was really naffed off with someone, I’m just annoyed that I did it publicly. Fortunately, my friends kept me focused on the session and tried to make me laugh, which they managed to do.

After a quick trip to see my brother, I took a wrong turn on the motorway and sat in 30 minutes of traffic, which was not cool. I was sore, grumpy, cold sweaty and quite frankly had had enough with the world. Why on earth people take Pregabalin for fun, I’ve no idea!

My hubby and I then went to watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers and by then I felt really vulnerable. I was anxious, sore, grumpy, cold sweaty and had no energy – which is really not the best time to go to a gig. The Chilis were awesome, but I just felt like my head was full of cotton wool. I do have to take a moment to say how is Anthony Kiedis 54!?download

This morning I started taking Gabapentin, it’s not really done much pain wise, but I’ve coped. I had a mammoth nap (it was a sleep!) but fatigue has been difficult recently anyway. I was on placement this morning which I enjoyed and didn’t feel too dodgy. The cold sweats have gone and I feel much less cotton woolly. I’m absolutely exhausted now, but it’s the end of term and my brother has been in hospital for the last 8 days and I’ve been making regular trips up to see him which is a 45 mile round trip.

However, the best bit is for the first time in a long time I feel full. We had a small evening meal and I haven’t felt the need to snack. I didn’t have lunch because my breakfast was enough. This is huge. I can’t actually remember the last time I didn’t want to eat! I even turned a donut down in school today.

So goodbye Pregabalin, I certainly won’t be taking you every again…


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